Slight Fade

by Joshua Hedges

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Don't Give Up On Me -

Space Dust -

With You -

Left To Right -


released May 27, 2015

Written, produced, mastered, art, and direction by Joshua Hedges.



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Track Name: Left To Right
Death wish, which way can you, shack on the mean streets whats up, cruising for hunger he knows that your alone forever, kicked in the side, with a magic psychomania, the living dead create video, into the wild zero, the dead visitor his reason is blood, watch my body melt, I'm not a sane man, Hollywood is a pit of despair, my journey slits into the screaming rodans revenge
Track Name: Don't Give Up On Me
I'm always off my path so far
Can't ever find my way I'm sure
Sometimes I fall down into pits
Can't find my way to get out of it
But don't be alarmed I am not hurt
I will find my solution you are my heart

Don't give up on me, I will find my way
If you would help me up, I'll be here to stay

I think of all our happiness
No doubts at all or second guess
Our life is beautiful
Our time is meaningful
But when I'm down I can't help it
Shadowed cloak worn so heavy
Trying to shed my skin
I'm wearing very thin

Don't give up on me, I will find my way
If you would help me up, I'll be here to stay
Track Name: Grey Skies
Grey skies outside
Track Name: Alien Man
He came down from space
Curious about our lives
Blending in with us
Terrified of who we are
Killing and hate he's confused
Wondering why we do
The things we do to each other
He cant figure it out
He came here to teach
To give us technology

Internet and cell phones he gave us so much crap we can't handle it
Zombified instead of smart his plan foiled we seemed to spoil it

Lazy people he laughs
His gift is lost
The world is gone
Most of us are so ugly
He's given up all hope
Facebook myspace couches tv's xbox iphones pointless bullshit
Payphones hangouts staying out late doing drugs I want my friends back

Setting bombs around the globe he waits to blow our world to pieces
We didn't know how to use his gift for us we could not even handle it
Track Name: Shoot The Sky
Relaxed and sane
On another plane of existence
Out of body out of breath
The fogs beneath me and growing intense

Shoot the sky it's almost dark
Pierce the light right through it's heart

Skin shedding onto the ground
So light in weight it makes no sound
I'll lean up I'm in knee deep
Black clouds of poison carry me to sleep
Track Name: Space Dust
In a dream in this life for me
through the air under the stars below
I'm a phantom in daylight
Casting shadows none can see

Slipping in puddles scattered around mirrorless
Where's my reflection I can't find it
Broken down into fragments
Space dust on an endless quest
Track Name: With You
Now I say to me
Whats in my heart
Now I say to me
How I stay with you
I'm free with you
It's were I am
We are so free as can be
Folded up against the sun
Nothing can destroy this bond between
Floating upwards burning in my heart
Floating between your vision so slightly
Paralyzed I'm hypnotized
Now I, say to me
Whats in my heart
Now I say to me
How I stay with you